My Mom is an Online Poker Player

My family likes to think of me as the guy who can find anything online. If they need help tracking down something, they’ll ask me to look for it and I’ll deliver. They think I’m some kind of tech wizard, but all I’m doing is just using a search engine to find what they need. I keep telling them how simple it is to do it, but they just don’t understand. My mother wanted me to find a poker online terbaik website where she could play against others, and I typed a search term in the engine and clicked on the first result.

Since I found the poker website for my mother, she hasn’t asked me to find anything else, because she’s been spending all of her time playing poker. My father is more of a gin player, so he doesn’t bother with poker. He keeps trying to get her to play some gin online, but she just sticks with the poker. She’s quite good at it, and in her youth, she’s even been able to win a poker tournament. They even gave her a trophy and prize winnings for that tournament. She’s tried to teach me how to play before, but I can’t quite remember all of the hands and their rankings.

Last night when my mother won a game, she called me and talked to me about it for a solid two hours. She went through a play by play of the entire game, which was no more than 10 minutes. I kept trying to get out of the conversation by telling her that I had to go, but she kept making it longer. I was planning on watching a movie on television that night, but when she was done talking, I was too sleepy and just went to bed.